Our Services

We consult on each phase of Transport and Transport Security Integration Planning and Operations. Have a read below for more details on how we manage each phase and contact us to develop your event solution.


Our Services

We consult on each phase of Transport and Transport Security Integration Planning and Operations. Have a read below for more details on how we manage each phase and contact us to develop your event solution.

We know major event transport.

Event planning and delivery is at the heart of the Event Management and Consultancy Group (EMC Group). It is the essence of high quality planning that underpins the successful delivery of every event. The EMC Group specialises in event Transport Planning and Operations, and Transport Security Integration, in all Event Planning and Operations Phases.

Doha 2006 - Athletes' Village

London 2012 - Athletes' Village

APEC 2007 - Fleet Team


Transport Planning and Operations

Transport Planning and Operations

Our range.

The EMC Group’s vast range of experience allows us to provide an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of a Transport team. The EMC Group has experience planning and delivering all areas of Event Transport:

  • Transport Program Strategy, Organisational Design and Operations, and Budget and Resource Planning and Management
  • Venue Transport Management
  • Bus Systems for Athletes, Media, Officials, Sponsors, Workforce and Spectators
  • Car Fleet Systems
  • VIP Transport
  • Arrivals and Departures
  • Vehicle Access and/or Parking Permit Scheme (VAPPS)
  • Traffic Management and Traffic Operations on public roads and in venues
  • Public, Spectator and Event Workforce Public Transport Services
  • Transport Operation Centre, Traffic Management Centre and Traffic Control Centre design, planning and delivery
  • Parking Numbers and Allocation to Clients
  • Car Park Design, and Car Park Management
  • Ceremonies Planning and Operations
  • Games Lanes Design, Access and Management
  • Travel Demand Management and Communication
  • Risks and Issues Identification and Management
  • Stakeholder Liaison
  • Workforce Planning and Operations
  • Headcount, Dot Planning and Scheduling
  • Workforce Training Design and Delivery

This experience allows the EMC Group to assist event organisers with real examples from previous events, to plan with realistic goals and expectations, and deliver the event with the knowledge that the planning is of the highest level.


Transport Security Integration

Transport Security Integration

Discreet and accustomed to high Security.

The EMC Group has worked extensively with Transport Security Integration teams with Organising Committees, Emergency Services, Defence Services, Government Departments and Contract Security companies at every event. This has involved the following:

  • Security requirements for Athlete Bus Systems
  • Security requirements for the design, production, storage and use of Vehicle Access and/or Parking Permit Scheme (VAPPS)
  • International Protected Persons (IPP) Protected and Non-Protected vehicle movements and Motorcade Operations, working with State/County/Provincial and Federal Police
  • The safe and legal movement of Athletes’ firearms
  • Deployment of Emergency Services vehicles on the Games Lanes and Venues
  • Deployment of Defence vehicles at Venues
  • Deployment of Contract Security vehicles at Venues
  • Deployment of Emergency Services, Defence and Contract Security Workforce to Venues

Event Planning and Operations Phases

Event Planning and Operations Phases

Succesful delivery of each phase is vital.

The EMC Group can assist in any or all phases of event planning and operations. Whether it be providing all required workforce to plan and deliver the operation, embedding experienced workforce into the clients existing organisational structure, or providing external consultancy, the EMC Group’s experience provides sound delivery in all phases of Event Planning and Operations.


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is vital to setting a clear, structured and positive direction. The EMC Group works with clients to develop a Strategic Plan detailing what operations will be delivered, develop a project plan with key tasks to be completed, development of a proposed budget, and determine anticipated resources required. This is completed for all phases of planning and delivery

Operations Planning

Operations Planning builds on the Strategic Plan, and determines how and where operations will be delivered. In this phase, the EMC Group assists clients by developing and/or reviewing operations plans, updating of budgets and resources required, the identification of risks and issues and mitigation strategies set up, and the design of training programs.

London 2012 - Road Events

Contingency Planning and Readiness

Contingency Planning and Readiness allows the client to practice their operations, design and test contingency plans, rehearse procedures and processes, train workforce and refine operations prior to delivery. Working closely with the client, the EMC Group can design and/or participate in Test Events, Rehearsals and Table Top Exercises, and provide feedback for refinement of operations. The EMC Group also assists with the delivery of training, providing real life examples and insights in to events and the roles required.

London 2012 - Closing Ceremony

Event Delivery

Event Delivery is the most important, and difficult part of every event. The EMC Group can assist clients deliver their plans by providing all workforce ‘on the ground’ to deliver the entire operation, or assist delivery by providing experienced staff to supplement existing client workforce, both at venues or in the client’s Operations Centres.


The EMC Group then assists in the Dissolution phase. Working with the client, the EMC Group finalises invoices, returns equipment, and closes accounts. A Post Event Report is written detailing lessons learned from the event, and recommendations for future events.